About Us

What we do

Blueming biotech aims to develop technologies to improve the sustainability and management of the water resources. We create technology for a range of fields that includes aquaculture, agriculture, wastewater management and domestic aquarium.

Our team

Raquel Domingo

Technical department Bluemingbiotech.

Bachelor’s degree in Biology

Rafael Saura

Marketing y communication.

HND in Marketing and Advertising

Miguel Villen

Computer engineer

20 years of experience in software development

José David Trapero Díaz

Electronics and assembly specialists

10 years of experience

Rafael Herena García

Founder and CEO

Biotechnologist and Marine Scientist

Sobre Rafael 

4 published patents and currently marketed technology. Researcher funded by the European Research Council. Recent publication in Nature Scientific Reports and referenced by the NASA Astrophysics Data System of the Smithsonian Institution.

Where to find us ?

Blueming biotech